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Why Is The NRLA Supporting Anti-Landlord Policy?

Hello, We all know that politicians of all parties have some very strange ideas and like to waste our money, but it’s unbelievable that an organisation whose members are landlords has an anti-landlord policy. Does Ben Beadle even know that most landlords are strongly against the banning of Section 21?

He should be supporting us instead of daft ideas which help lead to landlords leaving the market, evictions and a mass shortage of rented property for people. And talk of “working with the government” is nonsense – if they’re barking up the wrong tree they need to be told.

He’s simply taking the course of least resistance and agreeing with the masses who only want a solution to the crisis, which will only increase the number of homeless and the number of councils going bankrupt paying for temporary accommodation.

What about Clause 24, meaning landlords are going broke and selling up? Why isn’t he campaigning for its removal?

If taxi drivers were not allowed to claim the cost of fuel as a legitimate business expense, we’d have a riot on our hands.

Together with a growing number of ex-members, I left the NRLA long ago. They don’t support my views and they certainly aren’t having my membership fees to help their anti-landlord policy. I’m not alone in thinking they need someone at the helm who is doing some good for us – there must be someone.

The world’s going mad and I’m glad I’m not part of the younger generation growing up with these crazy problems.

Sorry to rant on but it needs saying, if this gets published.

Thank you,


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