Tenancy Deposit Disputes Central Housing Group

Deposits – figures show remarkably few agent-tenant disputes

The average private rental tenancy deposit last year exceeded £1,000 new figures show. At an average of £1,005 per tenancy, the cost of a deposit fell by 1.2 per cent year from 2020 according to mydeposits. But although tenancy deposit disputes also saw a year on year decline in volume during 2021, there was still an estimated £27m of deposits held in disputes. While the vast majority of deductions are…

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Covid Rent Arrears Central Housing Group

Renters and Landlords face perfect storm as benefit freeze bites

Over 820,000 private rented households in Britain experience a shortfall between their housing benefit payment and their monthly rents. Official data shows that of all private rented households in receipt of the Local Housing Allowance over half, 57 per cent, have a shortfall. This amounts to just over 820,000 UK households. Regionally, the proportion of private rented households affected ranges from almost 41 per cent in London (although based on…

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Thousands Of Renters CHG

Scottish councils urged to embrace investment in Build to Rent and co-living

Recently elected Scottish councils are being encouraged to embrace investment in Build to Rent (BTR) and co-living to help address the current housing crisis in the rental sector. The call, following last month’s council elections, comes from the UK Apartment Association (UKAA), which recently launched in Scotland at an event in Glasgow. Data from the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) shows that in Scotland demand for rental housing had…

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Extending Right to Buy will worsen rural affordable homes crisis, says CPRE

Boris Johnson unveiled plans yesterday to make it easier for people to buy their own home by extending the Right to Buy scheme. Speaking in Blackpool, the prime minister said that he will commit to “reforms to help people cut costs in every area of household expenditure” over the next few weeks. He argued that the £30bn currently spent on housing benefit, of which much is currently paid as rent…

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Lettings System Central Housing Group

Rent controls would throw PRS into ‘crisis’ warns leading estate agent

Comments are made by David Alexander, citing new research from Ireland where its rent controls experiment has raised rents and reduced supply. A large estate agency has warned that rent controls would be a disaster for the UK, citing recent research in Ireland where large numbers of individual landlords have been quitting its private rental market, reducing supply and putting upward pressure on rents. The research – which covers initiatives being…

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Boris housing speech: what did he say and how did industry react?

The speech in Lancashire yesterday was billed as Johnson’s attempt to rescue confidence in his premiership with some key housing policy initiatives. Yesterday Boris Johnson attempted to re-set his premiership after 141 Conservative MPs voted against him in this week’s dramatic confidence vote with a speech setting out several new major housing policy initiatives. During a trademark wide-ranging speech spattered with historical allusions, the Prime Minister revealed a review of…

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John Lewis names first locations for its private rental homes

The John Lewis Partnership has revealed the first three locations where it will build new rental homes. The properties “would offer the trust, quality and service that people expect from John Lewis” according to a statement from the store. John Lewis will act as both developer and then property manager.  The three proposed sites include building over Waitrose shops in Bromley and West Ealing in Greater London, as well as…

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Social Housing Sector Central Housing Group

Tenants staying for longer to avoid being faced with higher rents

Tenants are looking to stay in their existing rental home for longer as they look to avoid higher rents elsewhere, new insight from HomeLet reveals. Renters are trying to avoid increases in rental prices, with the latest HomeLet Rental Index, released this morning, revealing that the average rent in the UK hit another record high of £1,103 per calendar month (pcm) in May, up 1% on a month earlier. When London…

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Failing landlords could be hit with ‘Ofsted-style’ inspections and unlimited fines

Failing social housing landlords could face unlimited fines and “Ofsted-style” inspections under a newly introduced bill. The Social Housing Regulation Bill would award the Regulator of Social Housing greater powers to issue failing landlords with unlimited fines, enter properties with only 48 hours’ notice, down from 28 days, and make emergency repairs where there is a serious risk to tenants, with landlords footing the bill. It is being described as…

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Tenancy Deposit Service Central Housing Group

More than 820,000 households struggling to pay rent

There is growing concern for buy-to-let landlords who rent property to people in receipt of housing benefit. Official data shows that of all private rented households in receipt of the Local Housing Allowance over half, 57%, have a shortfall, and this amounts to just over 820,000 households. Regionally, the proportion of private rented households affected ranges from almost 41% in London, although it should be pointed out that this is…

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Private And Social Renting Central Housing Group

New study finds rent controls fail landlords, tenants, and homeowners

A new study of the Irish property market has found that the introduction of rent controls fails tenants, landlords, and homeowners. DJ Alexander Ltd, based in Scotland, looked at recent research by economist Jim Power and commissioned in the Republic of Ireland by the Institute of Professional Auctioneers & Valuers and the Irish Property Owners’ Association. The research, which covers many of the changes which have occurred and are proposed…

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Industry Trade Body Propertymark

Government urged to use Right to Buy to incentivise BTL landlords to sell to renters

A major new Centre for Policy Studies paper, published today, welcomes the government’s reported commitment to restoring the Right to Buy to the two million housing association households currently denied a chance to own. The paper, by former No 10 housing advisor Alex Morton, welcomes the government’s commitment to extending home ownership. But it argues that it should go further than just extending the existing Right to Buy by revamping…

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Right To Rent – first digital identity providers approved

Business partners the Post Office and PropTech firm Yoti have become the first certified digital identity service providers to be entitled to complete digital identity checks for agents and landlords under Right to Rent regulations.  The companies have also been approved to be used by businesses to check whether newly-hired staff have a right to work in the UK. For the past two months these checks can be carried out…

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Rent Control Momentum Central Housing Group

There will be NO rent controls in England – and that’s official

Housing minister Eddie Hughes has categorically stated that the government is not considering rent controls in England. In a written reply to a question from Labour MP Rachael Maskell, Hughes – who is steering the upcoming Renters’ Reform Bill into Parliament later this year – said there was enough evidence available to show that rent controls would discourage investment in the private rented sector and lead to declining property standards.…

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Ending The Eviction Ban Central Housing Group

Landlords To Fastrack Evictions Before Imminent S21 ‘Prohibition’

A legal practice claims that because of the incoming Section 21 notice ban there could be a ‘deluge’ of extremely worried ‘landlords ‘fast tracking’ evictions before it is outlawed. The government’s decision to scrap Section 21 of the 1988 Housing Act which allows landlords to evict renters without ‘cause’ with two months’ notice, was announced in the recent Queen’s Speech. The White Paper’s precursor to the introduction of the Renter’s Reform Bill will be ‘published’ shortly and will…

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Landlord Tax Changes Central Housing Group

Claim – Government Propose To Cut Capital Gains Tax For Landlords

The apparent government supporting newspaper The Daily Mail has recently run an article claiming that the government is considering a proposal to reduce Capital Gains Tax for PRS landlords, if selling their properties to first time buyers to help increase owner occupier numbers. The Daily Mail has been used by the government to ‘test’ possible policy proposals and the article says: “The ideas, in the very early stages, aim to make it easier for…

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Top Boiler Tips For Landlords Central Housing Group

Landlords Can Now Apply For Government Boiler Upgrade Funding

The highly contentious boiler upgrade scheme is now available for grants from the Department of Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy. BTL landlords operating across England and Wales as well as homeowners are now able to submit an application for grants of up to £5,000 if installing air or water source heat pumps, biomass boilers and up to £6,000 if installing ground source heat pumps which is available up to 2025.…

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Soaring Fuel Bills Central Housing Group

Virtually Half Of Landlords ‘Have Supported Tenants Financially In Past Year’

Nearly half of landlords – 44 per cent – say they have financially helped tenants in the past twelve months by either pausing or reducing rent, according to a PRS online platform’s recent surveyA report on the condition of a property. The research also found that 74 per cent of landlords believe it is in their and tenants best interests to help them when undergoing financial hardship, however 45 per…

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Industry Trade Body Propertymark

Rental reform may be bogged down after elections, warns supplier

Last month’s local election results could yet impact on the private rental sector, a prominent industry supplier claims. The Association of Independent Inventory Clerks says it’s clear that council tax, landlord licensing, planning applications, and the cost of living crisis were key topics that shaped voters’ decisions. Labour did particularly well in London and some other cities while the Liberal Democrats gained the most council seats nationwide. AIIC chair Daniel…

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BTL landlords could flee the market if legislative changes are introduced

The government is being encouraged to do more to reverse the increasing trend of buy-to-let landlords exiting the private rented sector (PRS), owed largely to an increase in regulation and tax changes. A number of BTL landlords have divested their portfolios and left the PRS in recent years and this has led to a sharp drop in the supply of much needed privately rented homes across many parts of the…

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