Landlord questions, concerns

Frequently asked questions by landlords

Why do I need a property manager?
Unless a property owner has time on his or her hands to resolve day-to-day tenancy and maintenance issues, a property manager — with communication skills and technical knowledge, will be able to resolve or avoid problems much more quickly.

We’re property specialists with a very good, reliable resource in maintenance and repairs, saving you time, money and anxiety.

Do I have to sign a fixed term contract with you?
Yes, this allows us to offer a first class landlord service in managing your property and ensuring ongoing tenancy.

How do I receive rental payment?
When we sign your agreement, we ask you for your bank details so that automatic electronic payment of your monthly rent is made via BACS to your designated account by the 5th working day of each month, as stated in our letter of contract with you.

Common landlord questions

What does Central Housing Group do if a tenant fails to pay their rent?
This does not affect you in any way. Your rental payments are guaranteed.

How often can I inspect my property?
You are welcome to inspect your property, provided you give reasonable notice to your tenant. Most of our landlords leave us to do this, trusting us to undertake regular inspections.

What does a tenant do if something needs repairing in the property?
When we meet your tenant, we issue an Information Welcome pack and we make sure they know how to contact us. We show them how to contact us, if they are online, or by telephone. We explain to them the sort of things that might need repairing over time. We report to you and discuss any emergency or essential repair work immediately or notify you about minor repairs to be done in time to avoid possible future deterioration.

How much notice does the tenant have to give if they want to leave?
This doesn’t affect the landlord as there is a Guaranteed Rent Scheme in place, so a void or empty property does not result in stoppage of your rental income.

What happens if I decide to sell my property?
You should let us know as soon as you decide to put the property on the market and give us as much notice as possible.

What happens if I want to move back in myself?
You must give us three months’ notice.

What happens if I just want the current tenant out?
This depends on the reason for wanting to evict the tenant. We undertake tenant mediation on your behalf and will help in any way we can, including regular liaison with the local authority and, if necessary, requesting the local authority to find alternative accommodation.

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