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Tenant Security And Landlords At Risk

A property expert is warning that the Renters (Reform) Bill, which aims to end no-fault evictions and improve tenant security, will have negative consequences for both tenants and landlords.

Chris Daniel, who has more than 20 years of experience in the property sector, said that the Bill will make it harder for landlords to regain possession of their properties in cases of rent arrears, anti-social behaviour, or damage.

He says that the current possession process is already ineffective and does not provide adequate means for property owners to control the misuse of their private properties.

And he warns that the bill will only worsen the situation by removing Section 21, which will affect tenant security by allowing landlords to evict tenants without giving a reason if they provide two months’ notice.

‘Increase the cost of rented homes’

Mr Daniel of Possession Friend, a service that helps landlords with eviction cases, told Property118: “The Renters (Reform) Bill will reduce the supply and increase the cost of rented homes in the UK.

“Fewer properties will be available and rents will rise.”

He added: “If only tenants could realise the impending consequences that will affect them.”

Mr Daniel also debunked the accusation of landlords profiting by rent increases, saying that tribunals often award a higher rent than that challenged by tenants.

The portrayal of landlords in the media

However, Mr Daniel also criticises the portrayal of landlords in the media as being either anti-landlord and biased – or uninformed and misled by tenant campaign groups.

He says that coverage of the private rented sector needs to be reported by journalists with a ‘straight bat’.

Mr Daniel also highlights the shortage of housing, the gaming tactics of local authorities and the flawed Universal Credit system as being major issues for landlords to deal with.

There are also issues with tenants who ‘game the system’.

The shortage of rental accommodation

Mr Daniel also argues that the shortage of rental accommodation is not due to private landlords buying up housing stock, but down to councils and governments failing to meet tenant demand.

He outlined the gaming tactics of local authorities, such as deceiving private landlords on benefit placements, or advising tenants to breach possession orders, incur costs, and sustain a CCJ.

He also says that the government is effectively supporting councils to transfer their responsibility for dealing with anti-social behaviour onto landlords via licensing schemes.

Mr Daniel adds that landlords are also not discriminating against tenants on benefit, but it is the flawed Universal Credit system that landlords avoid, as it causes delays and uncertainties in payments.

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