Tenant owes £1,000 and uses Facebook to say: “Catch me if you can!”

A university student who fled from his private rental apartment owing over £1,000 has posted a message on Facebook: “Catch me if you can.”

Local media in Lincoln report that two years into a course at the city’s university Erik Mikusauskas quit and left for a job in Greece.

The reports says that Mikusauskas, 20, had signed a tenancy agreement at a student house but fell into arrears and instead used the money to save for his new life.

“Well I applied for a job in Greece, got it and they provided a relocation package. I needed about three months’ rent to support myself. Basically, I saw my opportunity and I took it” he is quoted as saying.

Mikusauskas left his goading message on social media after being alerted to his being named in a post on behalf of his landlord, who wanted to know of his whereabouts in a bid to recover the rent that was owed.

“I mean he tried to expose me because he didn’t believe I have moved and didn’t bother asking me so I memed him. If I decided not to pay him there is very little he can to reclaim the money as my British bank account is empty and I don’t have any property in the UK” says the defiant former student.

“He can get a CCJ [county court judgement] against me but then again my credit score in the UK doesn’t matter and he’ll only be wasting more money. This isn’t an ideal situation but I refuse to be intimidated or bullied into it” he adds.

He says of his decision to flee without paying the rent owed: “I do [feel sympathy for the landlord] obviously but it’s being stuck between a rock and a hard place.

“It’s either I pay him the money I had but I wouldn’t have any more to support myself while I tried to find a new full-time job in a small university city where there aren’t many full-time jobs available.

“Or I go to Greece to have a nice job and a better life. He’s not exactly bumming it either from what I’ve seen in the past.”

Mikusauskas says his intentions are to repay the debt at some time in the future.

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