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Tax Payers To Pay For National Landlord Database

The Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local Government has earmarked £100,000 for a feasibility study of setting up and introducing a national landlord database for councils, government officials, landlords and tenants.

Any individuals or companies pitching for the £100,000 study must submit their plans to the MCHLG tender by Friday 23rd July.

The MCHLG statement outlines the issue:

“Central government and local authorities have limited information on the 2.3m landlords who own the 4.4m private rental sector properties in England. This inhibits effective enforcement of private rental sector property standards and the development of informed policy interventions.

“Private tenants currently have limited ways to check information about their landlord prior to signing a tenancy agreement. There are also a range of different and complex requirements that private landlords must meet to let property.

“The government wishes to explore the feasibility of introducing a national landlord England Through a joint policy and digitally led approach, we would like to understand the different models available for pursuing solutions to our identified problems and to further understand the difficulties individuals face when renting, letting or enforcing property standards in the Private Rented Sector.

“To inform this exploration of the problem, we would like a supplier to conduct user research, including sourcing participants, and potentially involving a survey.”

The project scope document for the £100,000 then explains who the four potential users of national landlord database would be if it is eventually set up.

“As a current or prospective tenant, I need to find out basic information about my current/prospective landlord and information about renting a property. This will enable me to make an informed choice about renting a property.

“As a private landlord, I want an easier way to demonstrate compliance with existing lettings legislation and to access information relating to letting property. This will enable me to better understand the legal requirements and more effectively demonstrate my compliance.

“As a local authority housing enforcement officer, I want access to consistent data on the private rented sector stock in my area. This will enable me to better prioritise my time and resources when undertaking enforcement action.

“As a government official, I want a holistic aggregated dataset on the PRS. This will enable me to better evidence suggested policy interventions.”

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