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Landlords Repair Bills Caused By Pets

Landlords repair bills costing hundreds of pounds for their properties following damage caused by pets more than likely have little chance of ever recouping the full costs.

An industry supplier makes this claim after finding over 75 per cent of landlords who have ‘housed’ tenants with pets which caused damage and more than half had been unable recoup the full costs.

The ‘What’s the Damage ?‘ report substantiates the firm’s claims which was commissioned by AdvoCATS following the release of the White Paper on Rental Reform. The recommended clause could allow tenants to be able to ask landlords to house their pets, and suggests that pet insurance should be a permitted tenant payment. 

However the industry supplier says its own research shows the majority of landlords have major concerns and scepticism over being able to make sure that a tenant actually obtains a pet insurance policy and keeps paying the premiums.

Jen Berezai, of AdvoCATS, says: “With almost a third of landlords and letting agents surveyed stating landlords repair bills for pet damage cost more than £1,000, it is clear more detail is needed on how pet insurance as a permitted tenant payment will work.

“Our stats show that half of landlord and letting agents would prefer the option for a tenant to pay the landlord for pet damage insurance, so they have assurance that the policy is in place should anything go wrong.

“What is also needed is more information at the outset of the tenancy; some tenants feel they cannot disclose that they have pets, but this can lead to problems further down the line.”

Heidi Shackell of the industry supplier, adds: “The White Paper proposals mean pet ‘fees’ are likely to be the first amendment to the Tenant Fees Act 2019. The options to protect letting agents and landlords, for example, taking an additional rent amount, an extra week’s deposit, or tenant-controlled pet damage insurance, all have weaknesses. The only sensible way forward is pet damage insurance that a landlord or letting agent holds, and that the tenant pays for.”

Richard Merrick of PIMS,said: “The government will have to introduce a clause that tenants with pets will have to be responsible for their own pet damage insurance policy.

“However many of our members have little faith in how robust the regulation will be in protecting landlords.”

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