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Private Landlord Burnt Tenant’s Possessions

A Wrexham private landlord whose stupidity in burning his tenant’s possessions because she had fallen behind in her rental payments, will now have to pay out £12,000 in compensation by 31st October.

The ‘Rogue’ private landlord pleaded guilty to criminal damage at Mold Court, when it was heard that he had sent in a team of men to clear all of the tenant possessions out of the flat which included furniture, clothes and electrical items.

The unlucky tenant upon entering the flat found that everything she had owned was no longer in the property. Her private landlord then sent her a text saying he had removed her possessions from the flat.

The tenant had been living in the flat for around six months but had fallen behind with her rent.

The guilty private landlord had told a team of ‘heavies’ to get rid of his tenant’s possessions from the flat. The jury heard that when the tenant’s sister went to see the landlord at his house, she saw ‘three big lads’ standing around a white van and a truck.

She went into the landlord’s back garden and found two men throwing items into a fire which were her sister’s that had been taken from the flat. If tenants do fall into serious rental arrears then they can be lawfully evicted, however the vindictiveness of the landlord’s behaviour was unwarranted and criminal.

The prosecuting barrister Brett Williamson said: “Some of her property was dumped on the pavement outside and some of it was taken away. As a result, criminal damage was caused and she [the tenant] never saw some of her possessions again.”
The landlord pleaded guilty on all counts whereupon the Judge Niclas Parry ordered him to pay the tenant £12,000 compensation by 31st October.

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