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Pet Policy Gets Landlords Barking Mad

Landlords are extremely perturbed and exasperated with the pet policy measures in the Renters Reform Bill.

Landlords are frustrated by the tenants with pets’ regulations included in the Renters Bill and many wish to cover themselves and properties by hiking up rents.

The Bill states that tenants must be allowed to have pets in their rented ‘homes’ unless the landlord “reasonably refuses”, however landlords will be able to stipulate that tenants with pets must pay for pet insurance in case of damage.

The policy will require landlords to allow or refuse pets in writing within 42 days of being given a written request by the pet owner that has to provide a description of their ‘companion’.

Just over half of landlords – 54 per cent – are convinced that the regulation will almost certainly increase the chances of rented ‘homes’ incurring damages according to an insurance company.
The company finds that 63 per cent are considering increasing rents when the bill finally becomes law.

Hayley a landlord in Essex, said “With regards to pets, I have always been open to having pets within reason. It depends on the tenant and what type of pet owner they are, number of pets and size, and the type of property being let. I do not believe it should be made compulsory as there are much greater factors to be taken into consideration which should ultimately be the landlord’s choice.

“I have had 3 tenancies where pets have been allowed. 2 were fantastic. 1 however, ended up going from 1 small dog to 3 (including a German shepherd) and totally destroyed the property. At the time, I took it as part of being a landlord and moved on, but in today’s climate it would be very hard to swallow.

“In my opinion, the government should be encouraging decent landlords into the market where there is an urgent need for circumstantial and long term tenancies.”

MPs in the main are fully supportive of the Bill and Marsha De Cordova, Labour MP for Battersea, said: “For many people, their pets bring them physical, mental and social health benefits as they are an integral part of many family units.

“It is vital that we ensure that clauses 7 and 8 are protected in the Bill, so that tenants have a legal right to request a pet in the property and the landlord must consider that request and not refuse it unnecessarily.”

The Cats Protection Welfare Protection charity, said it was “delighted” with the Bill’s progress through its Second Reading as it brings “pet-friendly renting a step closer for millions of Britons.”

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