People in Enfield living longer

A group for over 50s is “anxious” to improve health and well-being among the older generation after it emerged that people in Enfield are living longer than ever before.Enfield Borough Council’s director of public health’s annual report for 2014 shows the average life expectancy in the borough is now 80 for men and 84 for women.

This is an increase from 79 for men and 83 for men in 2012 to 2013.Men in Enfield are expected to stay healthy until the age of 62, with women experiencing their first bouts of ill health at the age of 63.

Monty Meth, the chairman of Enfield’s Over 50s Forum, said: “While it’s great news that Enfield is the top London borough for life expectancy, we have been anxious to increase the years of good health and close that 20-year gap when too many people still live with long-term ill-heath conditions.

“That is why we have encouraged more than 3,000 of our members to become members of our leisure centres and we’ve had a conference aimed at increasing the years of healthy life expectancy.“This is not only important for everyone of us in later life, but is vital if we are going to keep a free national health service.”
It is estimated the number of people with undiagnosed health conditions in Enfield is around 51,000 and includes conditions such as high blood pressure.

More than 2,633 are living with undiagnosed diabetes, 2,500 have coronary heart disease, 4,081 have kidney disease without knowing it.

Cllr Rohini Simbodyal, Enfield Council’s cabinet member for culture, sport, youth and public health, said: “Enfield Council and the NHS are doing an incredible amount of work to improve the quality and access to health services in Enfield so that health conditions are diagnosed early and treated quickly and effectively.

“Our hard work is paying off because people in Enfield are living longer, healthier lives than ever before but we mustn’t be complacent because there is plenty of room for improvement and plenty of scope to continue to revolutionise the way public health is delivered in this borough.”

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