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NRLA Opposes Campaigners For Rent Cap – Post by NRLA

Following calls by tenant campaign groups for the Government to introduce a national rent cap to prevent rent increases, the NRLA has appeared in the national press in order to vigorously oppose the introduction of any form of rent control in the UK’s private rented sector.

Towards the end of last week our key spokespeople Ben Beadle, CEO of the NRLA, and Chris Norris, our Policy Director, set out the NRLA’s position on this matter in the national press. Both explained how introducing rent controls would serve only to fuel the supply and demand crisis which has engulfed the private rented sector.

On Friday 19 August, Ben contributed to a BBC Newsnight discussion focusing on the impact of the UK’s rental crisis on younger renters, during which he articulated our position on this issue. Ben’s contribution begins here at 25:33.

Earlier that day Chris Norris was interviewed by the BBC News Channel in response to claims that the private rented sector is becoming more unaffordable for tenants.

Our South East Representative Richard Blanco also took part in a discussion on LBC with regards to the wider issues raised by the national rent cap story.

Following further appearances on BBC Radio 5 Live and Sky News, Chris’ insights were also covered by national and local radio outlets across the UK, resulting in almost 100 broadcast mentions in various news bulletins. In all, the NRLA’s response to the call for a national cap on rents produced a total of 149 pieces of broadcast, national, trade and local press coverage.

Overall, last week’s media push was an opportunity for us to make a clear statement on behalf of our members that we strongly oppose rent controls. Moreover, we made the case that the Government should reverse the Section 24 mortgage interest changes, which would make the private rented sector more attractive to investment. The NRLA also called for the ongoing freeze on Local Housing Allowance to end.

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