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Newspaper Shows Rogue Tenants Wreckage Of House

For once a newspaper has covered a story about rogue tenants rather than the usual landlord condemnation articles.

The Liverpool Echo has published the story complete with appalling pictures of a rented house in Wavertree Liverpool, supplied by an irate landlord, showing the wreckage that rogue tenants from hell left behind after being finally ‘booted out’.

The landlord Steve Parry now faces a bill of at least £6,000 to clean up the property after the tenants had completely trashed the house.

The landlord said that his former tenants were a ‘living nightmare’, he has also had to stump up £1,500 in court fees and has lost over £2,000 in unpaid rent.

The tenancy agreement did not allow tenants to have pets, which was contemptuously disregarded, as they had a large dog that damaged several floors which the landlord was’ petrified’ of on his visits to the property.

Steve Perry was utterly dismayed at the state of the property and said: “The house was wrecked – it’s shocking.”

The landlord had had no other recourse than to evict the tenant and her children as the woman was more than £2,000 in rental arrears.

He agrees with the crackdown on rogue landlords but feels that there is very little being done in helping landlords to be protected from ‘rogue tenants’.

Perry said: “People assume you’re loaded as a landlord, but I haven’t made a bean I’ve had that many problems. All I’m hoping is the house value will be more than I bought it for.”

Richard Merrick, of PIMS, said: “It is very obvious that background checks on all prospective tenants are essential in precluding nightmare tenants, which provides all the necessary information to make an informed decision to protect your income.”

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