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Minimum Energy Performance of Buildings Bill Impossible Ratings

The Minimum Energy Performance of Buildings Bill was introduced into the Houses of Commons and Lords last week which if and more likely is passed, will almost certainly apply even more stress and pressure upon all landlords to ensure their properties become even more energy efficient.

The supporters of The Minimum Energy Performance of Buildings Bill describe it as being one of the most important measures in achieving the government’s net zero target.

Net zero is the buzz phrase which means that eventually the country’s carbon dioxide outtake, after major reductions, is no more than the carbon dioxide’s intake.

Supporters who are backing of the Bill say part of the plan to achieve the target will be the government’s measure to ‘enforce’ all PRS properties by 2028 must be EPC Band C and lower and by 2035 this will include all privately owned homes. All mortgage lenders must ensure by 2030 that their portfolios have an average and EPC band C rating.

Fronting the Bill in the House of Lords, Lord Foster says: “I have been campaigning on this Bill for over two years: it puts in place government policy, so I call upon ministers to support it and give time for it to receive a 2nd Reading in the House of Lords. This is essential for the achievement of net zero targets.”

Sir David Amess is taking the lead in the House of Commons, said: “This Bill will help my constituents to have lower fuel bills and it will help the government to achieve its net zero targets. I hope Ministers will support it.”

The Sustainable Energy Association has put its considerable weight behind the Bill chief executive, Jade Lewis, said: “We are incredibly hopeful that the Minimum Energy Performance Bill will receive the support it rightfully deserves so that it can deliver a lasting impact on the energy efficiency of homes up and down the country whilst addressing key public interest concerns such as unemployment, fuel poverty and climate change.

“The SEA is proud to have campaigned for this policy certainty over the past few years and I believe that we are closer than ever to the breakthrough we have been working towards.”
Richard of PIMS, says: “How ridiculous is this as it virtually impossible for owners of properties over a certain age to ever achieve this?

“On the private rented sector front many landlords will be contemplating selling up or increasing rents to cover the sizeable energy efficiency costs to achieve this so called target, and there will be another rise in  rents as supply will fall even further below demand.”

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