Tenant powers of eviction Section 21 notices

Landlords face increased costs for gaining possession of their property

Landlord Court Fees increase March 2016
30th Mar 2016

As from 21st  March 2016 the court’s fees for possession were increased as follows
SECTION 21 ACCELERATED POSSESSION was £280 now £355 (in 2014 the fee being £175).

Issuing a Claim for Possession – After the expiry of a Section 21 applying to court using the Accelerated Possession application fee now £355

SECTION 8 RENT ARREARS ONLINE – was £250 now £325 (in 2014 the fee being £100).
This can ONLY be used where Section 8 Notice issued for rent arrears ONLY

SECTION 8 NON Rent Arrears – Now £355 was £280 (in 2014 the fee being £175)
This is a more complicated process see – NON Rent related grounds FREE 15 PAGE GUIDE Dealing with Possession NON rent arrears

Applying for a Bailiff – The issue of a Warrant of Possession remains at £110.

The Civil Proceedings and Family Proceedings Fees (Amendment) Order 2016 means the Government have now implemented these increases which came into effect on Monday 21st March 2016 see legislation

Application fees have also increased to £255 for contested applications made on notice (previously £155) and £100 for applications made by consent (previously £50).

Claims for losses via money claims, remain as below see How to Recover Debt
The fee for claims from £1 – £9,999 will remain unchanged;

  • The fee for claims from £10,000 – £199,999 will now be five per cent of the claim; and
  • The fee for claims £200,000 and above will be fixed at £10,000.

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Central Housing Group’s ‘Guaranteed Rent’ Scheme protects landlords from the substantial risk of rent arrears, costly evictions and wilful tenant damage. Our landlords are paid an agreed monthly Guaranteed Rent for the duration of the term of their contract regardless of their tenants’ financial or employment circumstances and regardless of whether their property is occupied or not.

Landlords – please carefully consider the risks you run by choosing to let your property privately when, instead, you can let your property on our ‘Guaranteed Rent’ Scheme and protect yourself from any rental loss exposure or legal eviction costs. 

When you let your property on our ‘Guaranteed Rent’ Scheme either our local authority clients will assume full legal and financial responsibility for the eviction of your tenants or we will, depending on the nature of the letting of your property – consequently you can be assured that you will not incur any legal eviction costs at all when letting your property to us and, furthermore, you can also be assured that you will continue to receive full monthly rental payments from us until vacant possession of your property has been lawfully obtained!

If you are interested in finding our more about our ‘Guaranteed Rent’ Scheme, currently operating in north, east & west London, please call us today on 020 8447 1222.

See details of our Guaranteed Rent Scheme here
See details of Rent to the Council here


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