Councils must follow Housing Ministers guidance on rehousing applicants

Brandon Lewis the Housing minister has sent out correspondence to every local council to provide clear and precise guidance on homelessness.

Richard Merrick of PIMS, said: “We welcome this guidance, as it is a common known fact that most councils will tell tenants, who have received eviction notices, to stay put until the bailiffs come in and then they will re-house them.”

The councils who are offering this advice are contradicting government guidance that says they must look to re-house tenants as soon as the eviction notices are served; and not when a possession order has been granted by a court.

Brandon Lewis’ correspondence says: “The statutory Homelessness Code of Guidance, which local authorities are required by law to have regard to, is clear on this matter.

“It contains guidance on how authorities should treat homelessness applications in circumstances where a tenant has received a valid S21 notice.

“It says that housing authorities should not, in every case, insist upon a court order for possession and that no local authority should adopt a blanket policy in this respect.

“Unless a local authority has very good reason to depart from the statutory guidance, then they should not be placing households in this position.”

Edicts from the Housing Ministers are wonderful but in terms of the reality facing Landlords PIMS suspect little will change and abuse will continue

  • Tenant not paying rent – the council are not obliged to house them for they made themselves voluntarily home so will tell them to stay put until court order and Bailiff.
  • NEW- Preventing retaliatory eviction The landlord serves notice and the council inspect the property – should they find fault then the landlord is NOT entitled to reserve a new notice for a further 6 months. Therefore no risk of them being homeless
  • 4 million people want a council house and there aren’t 4 million free homes so council.
  • Economics vs reality – as a example a mother with three children is served a notice to vacate. If the council provide emergency housing at expiry of the notice then the council incur significant fees for B&B whereas if they delay eviction and leave the problem with the landlord they could save 8 weeks B&B for two rooms. What do you think the council will do?

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