Preparing a 4 bedroom house to Let to the Council in Enfield

Worlds End Lane, EN2

4 Bed 2 Reception House, Enfield

When getting this property prepared to let to the council in Enfield, we performed a detailed assessment of general property standards, listing items to be removed or replaced, repair works if any to bring the property up to the required standards.

As part of Central Housing Group’s service we completed the list of maintenance and upgrades listed below and organised the Gas Safety report, NICEIC Electrical Installation report, Portable Appliance Test report and Energy Performance Certificate needed to let the property to the council.

Works completed included:


  • Repaint walls, ceilings & woodwork throughout.
  • S/fit new carpet & vinyl flooring throughout.

Front garden:

  • Cut back bush to uncover dining room window.


  • Rip out & dispose of shoe storage & coat rack under stairs.
  • Fill & make good all holes and plaster under stairs.
  • Cut out & replace torn wallpaper above radiator.
  • Replace internal letter box flap.
  • Dispose of battery operated CO detector.
  • Fill gaps in boarding on stair bannister, secure boards & sand.
  • Tack back all cables on skirting & door frames.
  • Paint pipes.


  • Clean out light cover.
  • S/fit net & blind.


  • Fill rotten areas on garden door.
  • Remove extension cable, nails etc. & fill holes.
  • S/fit net & blind.
  • S/fit door handle.


  • Remove paint from brick walls – sand if necessary.
  • Clean up rubbish debris.
  • Clean up more ivy.
  • S/fit hasp, staple & padlock to side gate.

Lounge (rear):

  • Remove board on ceiling & plaster ready for to painting.
  • Remove old board from fire place and s/fit new board with vent & paint white.
  • S/fit net & heavy curtains & rail.
  • Remove shelf from wall & fill holes.
  • Replace wallpaper behind radiator.
  • Tack back & tidy all cables.
  • Dispose of light shade.
  • Make sure door closes & adjust if necessary.
  • Doorstop.

Dining room (front):

  • S/fit board to fire place with vent & paint white.
  • Remove number from door.
  • Fill holes & sand.
  • S/fit net & heavy curtains & rail.
  • Tack back cables & tidy up.
  • S/fit blank cap to radiator.
  • Secure telephone socket to wall.
  • Doorstop.


  • S/fit blind.
  • Tighten WC seat.
  • Renew WC roll holder.
  • Replace vent cover.
  • Fill & sand ceiling.


  • Fill & secure boarding to stair bannister & sand before painting.
  • Tack back & tidy all cables.
  • Remove coat rack from wall & fill holes.

Bedroom 1 (opposite WC):

  • S/fit net & heavy curtains & rail.
  • Remove shelf & make good holes.
  • Doorstop.
  • Remove shelves from inside cupboard.
  • Replace screws to door handle both sides.
  • Ease & adjust door to close.Paint radiator.
  • Paint radiator.

Bedroom 2 (right at top of stairs):

  • S/fit net & heavy curtains & rail.
  • Remove old battens for current rail.
  • S/fit missing handle grommets.
  • Doorstop.
  • Cut & replace wallpaper around radiator.
  • Secure door hinges & adjust to close.
  • Paint radiator.

Bedroom 3 (rear, right of bathroom):

  • Paint radiator.
  • S/fit net & heavy curtains & rail.
  • Stain block mould.
  • Coil cables.
  • Replace or secure door latch plate.
  • Secure telephone socket cover.

Bedroom 4 (rear, left of WC):

  • S/fit net & heavy curtains & rail.
  • Replace missing door handle.
  • Secure cable box to wall.
  • Glue down lifting wallpaper or replace where necessary.
  • Paint radiator.


  • Doorstop.
  • S/fit blind.
  • S/fit new barrel bolt.


  • S/fit blind.

We are always looking for new landlords:
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