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Tory MP Wants Private Landlord Property MOTs

A Tory MP demands that landlords have a considerable upper hand in their relationship with tenants and there must be a seismic reform to readdress the imbalance, which will stop tenants being ‘left out on a limb’ because of substandard private rental accommodation.

The Conservative MP  for Stoke-on-Trent Central, Jo Gideon, states that within the UK Onward think tank’s report there are three areas for urgent improvements to be brought in for rented accommodation.

Gideon says: “First, we must ensure that adequate housing standards and living conditions are applied to the private rented accommodation, in the same way they currently apply to social housing.”

She also recommends a mandatory housing MOT to be introduced into the private rental sector that properly assesses landlords’ properties are fit for purpose and stopping them from “shirking their responsibilities.”

She also wants it to be mandatory for landlords to join a local accreditation scheme.
“Currently, around 500 landlords in Stoke-on-Trent are part of the local accreditation scheme, but this represents a small proportion of the overall sector. The scheme needs teeth to encourage better management, quality and supply of housing in the sector.”

Her third point says that the ‘power’ that landlords have over their tenants must be readdressed in the tenant’s favour: “On the one hand, many renters do not complain of poor living conditions out of fear of eviction. On the other hand, landlords need the power to acquire their property in the event of a bad tenant. The upcoming [Renters’ Reform Bill] must get the balance right for both renters and landlords and not tip too far in favour of one or the other.”

Gideon also highlights that in her constituency tenants have significant problems encountered with ”absentee landlords.”

She added: “The problem is that some of those landlords do not provide housing that is decent or fit for purpose. Much is old or in poor condition, and problems are often not dealt with quickly, leaving renters out on a limb. The upcoming Renters’ Reform Bill provides an opportunity to make a series of fundamental changes to fix these problems – and give my constituents a secure place to live.”

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