Tenant’s cannabis farm costs landlord ten thousand pounds

A Wigan landlord is counting the true cost of a tenant’s cannabis farm, in one of his properties, and he says it will cost him at least ten thousand pounds to repair the damage.

When interviewed by the local paper, the landlord asked not to be identified as he feared reprisals and stated that he had no idea whatsoever that the plants were being cultivated in his property.

He said he had known the tenant for four years and had always carried out regular inspections of the property, the last one was held in October of last year.

He said: “I have never had a problem with the tenant, who had been living there for about four years, before.

“I’d say by the amount of gear in there the plants they grew would have been worth around £100,000.

“The police attended on January 12 but they didn’t contact me until last week. It was a real shock to get a call like that out of the blue.”

The owner warned other landlords about the extent of damage that the gangs who farm cannabis can cause.

He said: “They have completely trashed it. The damage is unbelievable.

“It is going to need a new kitchen, bathrooms, the holes in the roof will need fixing and it will need completely redecorating. It could cost up to £10,000 for me to get sorted.

“It is all insured and I have had the loss adjusters in but that is all I can do at the moment.

“There was nothing to suggest this was happening. The rent was coming in on time as always. But apparently the neighbours started to notice the smell and called the police.”

Following the apprehension of a 34 year old man, police confirmed that they uncovered a cannabis farm within the property. Eighty young plants were found in the house however the 34 year old was just given a caution.

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