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Most Tenants Have Good Landlords

Landlords in the UK should ignore what the likes of Shelter and Generation Rent say since most tenants have good landlords, research reveals.

The findings from Aldermore challenge the stereotype of what those organisations and the media portray as tense relationships.

The majority (69%) of private renters report having a positive experience with their landlord.

However, three out of four renters (74%) faced stiff competition and took longer than expected to find a suitable property.

This intense competition often leads to higher costs, with most renters (68%) paying more than they initially planned.

‘Relationship is often presented as inherently challenging and dysfunctional’
The head of mortgages at Aldermore, Jon Cooper, said: “The relationship between landlords and renters is often presented as inherently challenging and dysfunctional, but as our research shows, this simply isn’t the case.

“Most private renters actually have a positive relationship with their landlord. I expect that this will surprise quite a few people.

“What it demonstrates is the abundance of good landlords in the market who are ethical, knowledgeable and trustworthy when dealing with their tenants.”

He added: “That being said, it’s also clear that a majority of renters are struggling to find the right home due to intense demand for properties.

“There’s no overnight solution to fix this sadly.”

Renters don’t feel unsupported by the government
The research also found that renters don’t feel unsupported by the government, with three-quarters (77%) believing not enough is being done to address their needs.

This sentiment is particularly strong among young adults (18-34 year olds).

For tenants fortunate enough to have a good landlord, clear communication (70%) and a simple rental process (41%) are highly valued.

Also, being able to personalise their home with minor cosmetic changes (41%) is seen as a positive.

Aldermore is highlighting the need for collaboration between lenders, landlords and the government to improve the situation for renters.

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