Landlords forego rent

More landlords forego unpaid rent to get rid of problem tenants

Thomas Reuters claims that in twelve months the number of landlords who prefer to evict problem tenants quicker, rather than fight for unpaid rent has risen by 11%.

The research carried out by Reuters shows that during 2013 – 2014 there were 29,821 landlords who went for the speedier eviction process and between 2014 -2015 numbers had risen to 29,821.A specialist Barrister in property and practises, Daniel Dovar believes that rents have been increasing steadily because of market forces, demand outstrips supply, this has the knock on effect as more and more tenants cannot afford or will not pay the rent. It is better to close a door and solve the problem, rather than hoping for a ‘draught of good luck’ by being given the property back quickly and the unpaid rent.

Dovar said: “Private landlords are also under increasing pressure to meet their mortgage payments on buy-to-let investments,

“They simply don’t have the time to go through the potentially lengthy process of recovering unpaid rent.”

Property repossessions undertook on behalf of landlords by County Court bailiffs has also risen in the last twelve months to a staggering 41,489 in 2014 – 2015, whereas in the previous year it was 37,706.
Dovar feels that the higher rents will cause considerable problems to tenants, most notably in the capital, he said: “This trend is likely to be particularly pronounced in the capital, where London’s residential property market has pushed rental costs to record highs.”

Richard Merrick of PIMS, said: “We are helping many of our members with evictions, however the blame should not be unfairly blown out of proportion by the media denouncing any rent increases. There are quite a few tenants who are milking the system and are well versed in how to get away with building up substantial arrears……and guess what?……..

“The legal process and councils helps them.”

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