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Continual Campaign Against The PRS

According to an industry body the government must put its brakes on its continual campaign against the PRS, with its ever increasing legislation, to help persuade existing landlords to stay within the sector as well as encouraging new investors into the PRS.

The industry body states there is more than 170 regulations which must be strictly adhered to which ‘shackled’ with the serious financial pressures that landlords are facing, who now need more help than ever to remain within the sector.

It says that the pandemic’s lockdown restrictions have severely impacted tenants and landlords’ incomes and that those tenancies affected cannot be sustained without more financial aid.
The £65m funding recently announced for those in rental debt in England provides some help but nowhere near enough.

The industry body says: “A programme of support would ensure Local Housing Allowance rates and Universal Credit are adequate and more effective so that landlords and letting agents would have more confidence to offer tenancies to claimants. Local councils would also be given adequate funding to drive up standards through enforcement.”

Its statement hammered home the body’s position on the government’s dictates to achieve its energy efficiency targets and demands politicians throughout the UK to change the one-size-fits-all policy of its efficiency proposals, and must develop a strategy that takes into account all properties’ differing ages, size and conditions.

The trade body insists: “This way each of the governments across the UK can target grants and funding support based on the characteristics of a property rather than its tenure.”

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