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I’m Michael Cuschieri from MC Square Marketing helping businesses stand out from their competition through social media management and marketing consultancy. I’m also a landlord looking after properties that I own in the North London area and I’ve been doing that now for the past 12 years.

I have chosen to work with Central Housing Group, and Romesh specifically, through a networking organisation that I met him to and also he made me aware of a property that was becoming available for purchase and further conversation and looking at budgets, Romesh and the team really helped me process the purchase of the property very efficiently and very smoothly and actually gave me quite a bit of good advice as to what needed to be done to maximise our return on investment in terms of the rental income the work that needed to be done in the property itself and was able to also source the resources to actually make that happen and happened very quickly as well as soon as we actually bought the property. I think when i was talking to Romesh in terms of the service and the quality of service that they had to offer, that’s all is very important you want to know that there’s someone at the end of the line that if there’s someone to speak to and you have to weigh that up obviously in terms of the rental return that you’re going to get.

As well, I found that with Central Housing Group there was a balance, there was great efficiency in service and the return, the rent, the guaranteed rent that the company was offering was, I was happy with that and to me that’s the most important thing as long as I’m happy what I’m gaining from the property in terms of my my monthly rental income then that’s great.

Over the last three years of using Central Housing Group my experience has been fantastic, I really have had nothing to do, to be honest with you because the rent comes into our account every single month, I don’t need to check on the property and that is why I’ve actually chosen to do the rent guarantee scheme with Romesh, was because I’m a busy i’m busy at work and I haven’t got time to manage to make sure the tenants are okay, the property is okay through the guaranteed rent scheme the Central Housing Group I literally handed the keys over to Romesh and his team and they look after everything so experience has been great as far as I’m concerned.

When I looked into the rent guaranteed scheme I knew that the rental income that you’re going to receive through any company that’s always going to be lower than having a private tenant, however it really does weigh itself up and balances it off in terms of the less hassle the peace of mind. I’m very busy at work and I don’t have time to be worrying about any tenancy issues or whether tenants are paying their rent on time or then what happens if the tenants decide to want to leave the property that means I then have to try and find new tenants which also that means going through a letting agency and then I’m going to have to pay more commission for them finding the tenants etc, and really I don’t have any of that now which is great that’s what I needed so, yes i do earn a little bit less rental income every month but it’s a lot it was a lot easier.

As far as I’m concerned over the last three years of using Central Housing Group my experience has been fantastic it’s extremely positive I’ve got nothing to say to fault the business. Once a year we have a review as well we’re discussing what’s been happening with the property and so far today for the last three years everything’s just smooth and I’ve had no hesitation in terms of also renewing because obviously you have a choice I can have it just for one year, two years or longer and I like that flexibility because I don’t want to commit to three or five years I’d rather do it on an annual basis as well and that’s where Romesh and the team also are very helpful in guiding us and we’re also now looking to see what other opportunities have we got are there any more properties that we can buy.

I can use romish’s knowledge in the industry and also knows where properties are available so he will soon let me know when the right property is the right budget that we can afford comes up so we can look to further invest with them.

Central Housing Group have definitely met all our expectations right from the word go as i said just from fighting against the property and now helping us and managing and looking after our property, 100%.

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