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5 Building Security Trends HMO Landlords Should Adopt

If you’re an HMO landlord, you need to provide excellent building security to increase the value of your properties, increase tenant satisfaction, and prevent damage or theft on your premises that could cost you money.

So, how do you protect your spaces as an HMO landlord?

Read on for the top building security trends for your building that you must adopt to protect yourself and the tenants under your roof.

Identifying Your Building’s Security Needs

Each building has its own unique set of security needs. To develop your building’s security strategy, you will need to perform a risk assessment. This involves asking questions like:

  • Are the entrances to my building protected?
  • Do I have a way of gathering evidence in the event of a crime?
  • Is my building protected in the event of a natural disaster?
  • Is the health of my tenants vulnerable with my current systems?

By asking questions like this and assessing which security threats you are equipped for or need to be more prepared for, you will be able to develop a security strategy based on your building’s specific security requirements.

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5 Building Security Trends

1. Touchless Access
Touchless access systems are the best way to provide your tenants with added security without inconvenience. They will be able to enter the building and unlock doors using a digital access card stored on their mobile device without even reaching into their pocket. This is because digital access cards are available that can communicate touchless using BlueTooth readers that can pick up the signal from a distance.

A touchless access system is a cornerstone of building security and can be integrated with your other security installations to provide access logs, video camera feed, and wellness information on one interface. This creates a more user-friendly experience for your security team.

2. Health and Safety
An important part of building security since the pandemic is protecting the health and safety of your tenants. If you can install security features that reduce the vulnerability of your tenants to coronavirus and other illnesses, they will likely be more satisfied with their building management.

You can provide health and safety measures in your building by reducing the number of surfaces your tenants must touch upon entering and leaving the building. You can do this with an access control system. You can also use antimicrobial surfaces to cover railings and other places tenants must touch in the building.

You can also provide wellness verification for visitors to the building to ensure that access is not granted without assurance that the visitor will not be causing an outbreak in your building. This is in the best interest of your tenants and their visitors.

3. Security Cameras
You will need security cameras and video surveillance in your building to provide evidence in the event of a crime and identify the perpetrator of a crime. You should assess where cameras are needed outside and inside the building to create maximum visibility. You can also invest in a camera system that is operable remotely to allow you to address security concerns from anywhere.

4. Cloud-Based Security
Cloud-Based security is the way forward when it comes to building security. Local servers require maintenance and do not update remotely, so you will need an expert handy to address any issues when they arise. But, with a cloud-based security system, you will be able to update your system automatically.

You will also be able to control door locks and view access logs remotely so that you can be up-to-date with your building security no matter where you are. This can save quite some time for busy landlords, as you won’t have to visit the property to view the security information and answer security queries.

5. Visitor Management
Since the pandemic, it is essential to register guests in any establishment to contact them if a case of coronavirus is detected. Visitor management allows you to register guests and their contact information to get a coronavirus test due to an outbreak in your building.

If you want to keep up with the changing landscape of building security, you need to move towards security tools that facilitate health and safety measures. The safety of your tenants is a priority, and if tenants feel their landlord has their best interests at heart, their satisfaction with management will increase, and you will be able to retain tenants.

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