Improvement Notices Central Housing Group

Improvement Notices Against Rogue Landlord

A landlord who refused to carry out repair work on his property after receiving Improvement Notices has been prosecuted and fined £2,500, along with a £120 victim surcharge and £670 in costs. Victor Robbins of Leigh-on-Sea was found guilty in his absence of ignoring an improvement notice on his first floor flat in Westcliff-on-Sea. Southend council received complaints about damp from the tenants of the property in February. An inspection of…

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ARLA Membership Central Housing Group

Letting Agent Faked ARLA Membership

It’s now been revealed that a letting agent jailed for defrauding money from landlords also falsely claimed ARLA membership. Roy Jackson, who ran Suffolk Lettings in Ipswich, was jailed for 20 months after fleecing clients of £68,000. The judge said: “Should the Association of Letting Agents [sic] have certified you? Probably not.” However, it now turns out that ARLA never had “certified” Jackson at all. In a statement to Letting Agent…

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Unpaid Rent Central Housing Group

Unpaid Rent – Landlords Owed £800m

A third (32%) of landlords in the UK – approximately 500,000 – say they have experienced unpaid rent in the past 12 months, according to research from the National Landlords Association (NLA). The research shows that a typical landlord faces £1,649 of unpaid rent each, totalling £850m worth of rent arrears across the UK. The NLA research also shows that one in five (22%) landlords in the UK – approximately…

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Enfield Borough Council Landlord Licensing Scheme CHG

Enfield Borough Council Landlord Licensing Scheme Quashed

Enfield Borough Council Landlord Licensing Scheme quashed at the High Court following judicial review A scheme that would force landlords to hold licences has been quashed by the High Court. The High Court today ruled that the judicial review called for by landlord Constantinos Regas challenging Enfield Borough Council’s licensing scheme was to be upheld. The Enfield Borough Council Landlord Licensing Scheme would have required landlords to hold a £500 five-year licence from the authority for…

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Deregulation Bill on Retaliatory Evictions CHG

Deregulation Bill on Retaliatory Evictions Wrong Approach

An amendment to the Deregulation Bill on retaliatory evictions would put an impossible burden on councils and be ineffective in practice, claims the Residential Landlords Association (RLA). Existing regulations can be used to protect tenants, the RLA adds. Landlords are criticising the Deregulation Bill on retaliatory evictions amendment, which follows the content of Sarah Teather MP’s Bill, defeated last Friday (28th November). The amendment is scheduled to be debated in…

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Home Improvement Fund Central Housing Group

Home Improvement Fund Green Deal

At 9am on Wednesday 10th December 2014, landlords will be able to apply for ‘vouchers’ to improve their properties under the Green Deal Home Improvement Fund (GDHIF). £30million has been made available in vouchers as part of an additional £100million fund announced in October. Further funding will be released on a quarterly basis. EDIT: Solid Wall Insulation funding has been completely allocated and further applications will not be taken/considered. Funding…

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London House Fires CHG

London House Fires Hazard Under The Stairs

New regulations announced today will help tackle the rising number of London house fires started by fuse boards but London Fire Brigade warns more needs to be done. Around five London house fires a week* are caused by fuse boards (consumer units) which is a fivefold rise in just 5 years. The increase is thought to be because many homes have fuse boards with components which are subject to a…

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Understanding Damp and Mould CHG

Understanding Damp and Mould – Your Guide

Featuring the expert advice from RICS accredited Surveyors Walker Management, our new guide to Understanding Damp and Mould explains the causes behind this contentious issue and provides you with the essential tips you and your tenants need to help tackle this common problem. We also have also launched the brand new video guide on our YouTube channel which contains all the best practice advice in a format which is simple…

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Landlord Guaranteed Rent Scheme Central Housing Group

Landlord Guaranteed Rent Scheme

Our Landlord Guaranteed Rent scheme protects from the considerable exposure to possible loss of rent whilst carrying out legal evictions through the courts. We pay our landlords throughout the term of our contract with them and our landlords are not responsible for the legal & court costs involved in carrying out evictions as highlighted in this article. The consequences of delays through the courts can be extremely damaging to landlords…

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Landlord Insurance Guide Central Housing Group

Landlord Insurance Guide – What You Need To Know

Landlord Insurance Guide – As a landlord, choosing a letting agent can be a daunting and sometimes an overwhelming prospect. With occasional problem cases receiving significant publicity in the press, this can lead to landlords having a negative view of the letting agent industry, and in turn, make choosing an agency a nerve racking and scary prospect Here at Simple, we have put together a short landlord insurance guide with…

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Using a Letting Agent Central Housing Group

Finding and Using a Letting Agent

While many landlords choose to let and manage their properties themselves, for others using a letting agent can be essential. The following are some of the key indicators that agents may be a good idea: You live too far away from the property and cannot easily show it to prospective tenants or manage the property if there are problems. You don’t have the time. Managing or letting a property can…

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Landlord Body Central Housing Group

Landlord Body Opposition To Revenge Legislation

A landlord body which opposed last month’s failed attempt to introduce legislation outlawing so-called revenge evictions has reacted angrily to the news that another attempt will be made to introduce legislation early next year. As reported in LAT last week, four Liberal Democrat peers have tabled an amendment to the Deregulation Bill, which is currently making its way through Parliament. The amendment will be debated in mid-January, when peers return from…

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Affordable House Building Central Housing Group

Affordable House Building Parlous State

Affordable House Building Still At Snail’s Pace The latest figures from City Hall show the parlous state of affordable house building in London. Just 2,670 affordable homes have been built since April this year, with even fewer started. The Greater London Authority issues regular updates about how many affordable house building homes have been completed (ie, built and ready for people to move in) and started (which gives an idea…

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Bolton Landlords Central Housing Group

Bolton Landlords In Court After Boy Suffers

Two Bolton landlords have been fined after a four-month-old baby and both his parents were taken to hospital with carbon monoxide poisoning. Mr and Mrs Mehboob and Suraiya Bobat, Bolton landlords, were prosecuted by the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) after an investigation found four gas appliances at a property on Bowness Road were unsafe, and that they had failed to arrange an annual gas safety check as the law…

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Enfield Over 50s Forum Central Housing Group

Enfield Over 50s Forum People Living Longer

Enfield Over 50s Forum is “anxious” to improve health and well-being among the older generation after it emerged that people in Enfield are living longer than ever before. Enfield Borough Council’s director of public health’s annual report for 2014 shows the average life expectancy in the borough is now 80 for men and 84 for women. This is an increase from 79 for men and 83 for men in 2012…

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Landlord Licensing Scheme In Enfield Central Housing Group

Landlord Licensing Scheme In Enfield Test Case

The landlord licensing scheme in Enfield, north London, which has been the subject of heated legal debate in recent months, will be subject to a test case next week.The High Court ruled in October that part of landlord Constantinos Regas’s application to bring a judicial review against Enfield council’s licensing scheme could proceed to judicial review. The scheme requires landlords to hold a £500 five-year licence from the local authority…

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Tenancies Reform Bill CHG

Tenancies Reform Bill Presented

Landlords breathed a sigh of relief on Friday when the Tenancies Reform Bill presented by Liberal Democrat MP Sarah Teather, failed to progress. Rather than fail on a vote, the Tenancies Reform Bill failed on a technicality. MPs Philip Davies and Christopher Chope chose to “filibuster” it or “talk it out” while not enough MPs were present in the House of Commons to vote for the Tenancies Reform Bill. The…

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Guaranteed Rent Scheme Landlords Central Housing Group

No Eviction Costs for Guaranteed Rent Scheme Landlords

Please see article below where a landlord has been recently prosecuted for carrying out an illegal eviction. With Central Housing Group’s Guaranteed Rent Scheme Landlords the legal and court costs involved in carrying out evictions are not the responsibility of the landlord and you can rest assured your rental payment will continue to be paid throughout the agreement even if the tenant is in rent arrears with their council. We…

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Reform Section 21 Notices

Reform Section 21 Notices

In Parliament today, there was a second reading of a private members bill to reform Section 21 notices with the effect of restricting such use when a complaint has been made by a tenant. In addition, there were some other proposals to reform Section 21 notices such as recognising the recent decision in Spencer V Taylor for the length of notice required for a periodic tenancy. What happened in Parliament?…

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Let Flat in North London Boroughs

How The London Boroughs Got Their Names

Fifty years ago today, the London Government Act 1963 received Royal Assent. It paved the way, two years later, for radical changes in London’s political boundaries. The 32 London boroughs that we still know, love and pay our council tax to, were created. (The tiny City of London — also known as the Square Mile — holds different political status to the 32 London boroughs, and carried on as normal…

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